Partners FAQ

How NextLevel works

I want to become a partner of the platform, what should I do?
Register on this page and check the box "I want to become a partner". You must fill in your company information if you want to withdraw your earnings.

If you are already registered on the platform as a customer, you can simply click on the "Become a partner" button in your menu at the top of the screen. You will then be both a customer and a partner and will be able to manage everything from your account.
I am an individual, can I still register and sell links?
Of course, you can register as an individual and sell links from our platform. However, you will have to transfer your earnings in credits to buy links in your turn. You will not be able to withdraw these earnings from the platform, as you will not be able to make any invoices.
When I register, do I have to send you any particular documents?
No documents are required for registration. However, we will ask you afterwards for proof of the existence of your company. Without this, you will not be able to withdraw your earnings.
Every 6 months, you will have to send us updated documents.
Do I have to prove that I own the sites?
We do not ask you for any documents proving that your sites belong to you. However, it is strictly forbidden to add sites that do not belong to you on the platform.
Any breach of this rule will be penalized, your account will be deactivated and all your earnings may be withdrawn.

Adding sites

How to add a site on the platform?
Once you have registered as a partner, you can add your sites. In the menu, click on "Partners", then "Sites" and click on "Add a site".
Do you accept all sites or is there a validation process?
When you add a site on the platform, it will be placed on hold until our Partners team validates it. Indeed, to ensure a quality service to our customers, each site added must be validated by hand.
If you do not meet our criteria, your site will be placed on hold for improvement and we will indicate the change(s) to be made.
How long does the validation process take?
The validation process is quick. In general, new sites are validated within hours of being added.
My site is on hold for improvement, why?
Websites that do not meet our criteria and cannot be validated at this time are placed on hold for improvement. You will find the reason for this on your account in Sites - Pending Improvement.
Our criteria are as follows:

  • The site has at least 20 RDs (referring domains)
  • The site contains at least 5 articles
  • The site has a good visual aspect (theme, logo, favicon for example)
  • The site does not have external links on all pages

After 60 days, any site waiting for improvements that has not been modified is removed. You can then add it again when it is ready.
Will my site url be visible?
No, on NextLevel, none of our clients have access to the urls. Sales are made based on the metrics of the positioned article and the url is hidden during the whole process. The client will have access to your url only once the sale is completed.

Selling links

How can I find out what customers are looking for?
To find out about customer needs, nothing could be easier. On the platform, click on the "Partners" tab in the menu and then on "Customer needs". You will then find all the pre-orders placed by our customers. All you have to do is indicate that you are interested and write an article on the targeted keywords. Once positioned, click on " suggest an url ", the customer will then be notified by email and can directly buy your article if the metrics interest them.

You can also set up alerts to be informed when a customer places a pre-order on a keyword in line with the theme of your site.

Don't forget to check out NextLevel's Twitter account, the most wanted themes are shared with you at the beginning of each month.
My site has 0 NextLevel keywords, is this normal?
If you have just added it, don't panic, the first pass after validation of the site is automatic, then a NextLevel collaborator will check it.

If it remains at 0 NextLevel keywords :
  • either you do not have positions noted by our monitoring tool (SEObserver)
  • or your positioned pages contain external links
Is my homepage taken into account on your platform?
No, by default, the homepage of your website cannot be sold on NextLevel.
Why are some of my urls not for sale on the platform?
First of all, the principle of NextLevel is to sell only pages without external links. All your pages containing an external link will not be sold on NextLevel.
It can also be your homepage or category pages of your website which are automatically excluded by our algorithm.
If your urls do not meet these two conditions, then do not hesitate to contact the support team for more information:
I want to restrict the possibilities for buyers on my site (no secondary links, content length, optimized anchor...), is this possible?
Yes, by going to the advanced options of your site, when you add your site or later, you will be able to configure certain restrictions:

  • refuse links from competing MFAs
  • refuse secondary links
  • configure the accepted anchor types
  • refuse the publication schedule
  • disallow certain themes
  • configure the maximum additional content added per article

However, be aware that these restrictions can cause you to miss out on sales, so we recommend that you keep the default settings.
What is the link planning date?
The customer has the option to order now and to choose to have their link online later, on a specific date. If you are not able to provide this service, then you should deny this feature in your advanced options.
How long should the link stay on my article?
For each sale, you are committed for a minimum of 24 months, period during which the link must be in place on your article.
How much will I earn for each article sold?
We cannot give you a precise price because it depends on the power of each of your urls and the quality of your site. Our algorithm calculates this price according to the position of your url, the number of positioned keywords, the volume, the theme of your site, etc.
The minimum gain is 22,50€ per url.
Can I set a minimum price?
Yes, you can set up a "minimum earning", that is to say the minimum earning you accept to receive for a sale. You can set it on your entire site via the advanced options, or on a case by case basis, per url. If the price defined by our platform at a given time is below this minimum gain, the url will not appear in the search results of our customers.

Managing my orders

Can I refuse an order?
As soon as an order is placed on one of your sites, you receive an email asking you to accept or refuse it.
Of course, if an order seems incoherent or does not suit you, you can refuse it by selecting the appropriate reason.
Can I contact the customer who placed the order on my site?
No, our interface does not allow you to contact our customers directly. In case of problems, do not hesitate to contact the support:
What is the deadline for publishing the order?
From the moment you receive the order, you have 10 days to accept it and publish it.
Do I have to write the additional content?
You can take care of writing the additional content to add to your article, especially if you want to have control over your editorial line, but you can also delegate this task to NextLevel. Indeed, we offer you to write this content for free! Delegating the writing will not change your earnings.
Can I specify my editorial line?
In the case of delegating the writing to NextLevel, you cannot specify your editorial line. However, nothing prevents you from slightly modifying the text if you wish before publishing it.
I want to write additional content, but can I delegate the writing to NextLevel on a one-off basis (during my vacations for example)?
Yes, if you usually take care of the writing, it is possible to delegate it to us on a one-off basis. To do so, when you receive an order, you will have to indicate that you want us to do the writing. You will have to repeat this action for each order received. In this case, you can even leave some instructions to our editor.
Is your content checked before delivery?
Our contents are regularly proofread and checked for plagiarism.
Do you integrate media in your additional content?
For the moment, we do not integrate media in the content we write.
What is the NextLevel plugin for?
Thanks to the NextLevel plugin, the additional content written by our teams can be directly posted after your article, without any action from you! It allows you to automate this action and therefore save time.
I added the content to my article. What should I do next?
Once the content and the link are added to your article, you just have to validate the order. If the content is posted via the plugin, the order will be validated automatically.

Withdrawal and use of my earnings

Can I withdraw my earnings at any time?
You can withdraw your earnings whenever you want, provided you have reached the 200 euro earnings threshold. However, withdrawals are limited to 1 per month.
Please note that you must withdraw your earnings or transfer them into credits within 2 years from the date of acquisition. After this period, they may be deleted from your account. In this case, we will of course notify you in advance by e-mail.
Can I convert my earnings into credits?
Yes, your earnings can be transferred into credits, with no minimum requirement to qualify for this transfer. If you transfer your earnings into credits, you will get 10% more credits.

Be careful, when the earnings become credits, they can not make the reverse path.
Do we have to invoice when we withdraw our earnings?
Yes, you will have to submit an invoice, or generate it directly on the platform by indicating your desired invoice number.
When do I get paid?
Our payments are made within 14 working days, after the validation of the withdrawal request by our accounting department.
Is there a sponsorship program?
No, there is no referral program for our partners at the moment. However, stay tuned because we are working on this project!