Clients FAQ

How NextLevel works

I am used to buying links relying on DA, TF or traffic of the domain. What should I do?
It's a choice on NextLevel, we prefer to offer links according to real positions, and not according to indicators such as the domain authority (DA) or the Trust Flow (TF), which can be distorted. On NextLevel, the positions on Google are the main indicator to judge the quality of a link for Google.
Why are positioned articles better?
The urls we offer for sale are already positioned on one or more keywords that interest you, Google has already trusted them. You have no uncertainty about the metrics of the article you buy and the results are felt more quickly by saving you the time of writing and indexing.
Are the websites on the platform your own?
On NextLevel, 95% of the sites offered are partner sites. These are clearly identifiable thanks to an icon representing a handshake next to the keyword searched. You can also find sites that are independent from each other and belong to Korleon'Biz.
Are there any prohibited themes on your platform?
All themes are available on NextLevel, as long as they remain within the law.
Do you have sites in other languages than French?
For now, you can find websites in French as well as in English on the platform! If many of you ask for it, we will probably offer new sites in other languages soon.

Links research

How do I search on NextLevel?
We offer 5 different types of searches:

  • Keyword search. Simply enter the desired keyword and we will suggest the available positioned articles.
  • Search by domain. Enter the root domain of your site, we retrieve your keywords and display all available articles of interest for your site.
  • Search by page. Enter the url you want to work on, we retrieve its keywords and show you the available articles.
  • Search by theme. Have access to all the articles positioned on sites of your theme.
  • Search via your GSC. Connect to your Search Console, we cross-reference your keywords with our database and offer you the best results. We do not have access to the GSC, it is only the connection from your computer that allows you to match the results.

For effective research, we advise you not to type only the keyword you want to work on but also to aim wider via the long tail or keywords of the same theme.
Why are the "Keywords" and "Top 10" columns hidden on my account?
In order to protect our data, these columns are hidden from people who do not have credits. Make a first credit deposit on the platform and the columns will appear in plain.
Why is there a handshake icon in front of some keywords?
This icon indicates that the url in question belongs to one of our partner sites.
What does the + next to some keywords mean?
This + is in fact a drop-down list! It allows you to discover the other keywords containing your search on which this url is positioned. If you search for "car insurance", the drop-down list of one of the urls may reveal other requests containing "car insurance" such as "car insurance range rover" for example.

Don't forget that when you click on the price, you will see all the keywords of the url.
What do my search results mean?
The column "Keyword" gives you a precise keyword positioned in the search engines. This gives you a search volume and a positioning interval (Top 90, Top 50, Top 30, Top 20, Top 10).

The column " Article " shows you the number of keywords on which the article is positioned as well as the number of top 10. Not forgetting the URL index (our URL power index, see next question).

You can then find information about the site on which this article is located, including its theme.

For example, if you search for "gamer computer mouse", we propose an article that is positioned on the keyword "best gamer computer mouse" with a search volume of 1000 and positioned in the top 50 of Google. This article is available for you. You can ask to add your link to it with by default the addition of 200 words tailored to your brief.
What does the URL index represent?
The URL index represents the power of the URL. This index is calculated according to several criteria including :

  • the number of keywords of the URL positioned in the top 90
  • the number of keywords of the URL positioned in the top 10
  • the best couple volume/position among the positioned keywords

The higher the index, the more we judge that the link is beneficial for the natural referencing of the site receiving a link from this page, provided that the themes of the two pages are not too distant.
I can't find what I'm looking for, what should I do?
You have two choices: place alerts or pre-orders. The alerts allow you to be notified as soon as a new article positioned on the keyword you are interested in is available.

Even better, pre-orders allow you to tell our partners that you are interested in different keywords. The partners can then choose to write an article meeting your needs. You will receive an email as soon as a pre-ordered article is available and you can then decide to buy it or not.
What are the projects for and why create one?
On NextLevel, everything is linked to your project. We strongly advise you to set up different projects according to your sites / themes to work on from the beginning.
These projects will allow you to filter your search results automatically so that you don't buy on a domain that already links to you and to save a default brief for each of your projects so that you don't have to rewrite it for each order.

Links purchase

What options can I choose when I place an order?
When you place your order, you must of course indicate the url of the link to be added, the anchor of the link and a brief for adding words to the existing text. The addition of 200 words is included in the price of your order.

You can also request additional options, including adding a secondary link, increasing the number of words added to the article, and scheduling the publication.
How long does it take to process my order?
We advertise a processing time of about 10 business days.
In reality, the processing time is generally 8 to 10 days on most of our partners' sites. We notify them at the time of ordering and send regular reminders during this period. Also remember that most of the time, an order on a partner site must be accepted by the partner beforehand.

The processing time for posting a link on our own sites can be reduced to 48-72 hours (during a business day period).
And if I already have a link from this website, what can I do?
The "project" allows you to avoid this.
Once connected, click on "my projects" and go to the project concerned. Add the root domain of your site in the "Website" box, so all the sites on which you have already bought a link via NextLevel will not be visible anymore.
You can also filter the links purchased on other platforms or obtained naturally. This can be useful if these sites are also listed on NextLevel. In this case, get the root domain of the sites already linking to you. You will only have to add them in the "Filter my other links" box.
Can other people buy a link on the same article as me?
No, once you have purchased a link on an article, it is no longer available for sale and will not be presented to future buyers. Any article purchased will only have your link, and this for the entire life of control, that is to say 24 months. After that, the link remains unchanged in 99.99% of the cases, but the partners are no longer contractually bound.
What is the lifespan of a link?
Contractually we commit to a minimum lifespan of 2 years, but we will go well beyond that in 99.9% of cases!
We check every day that the purchased links are still in place. In case of problems during the 24 months, we will find a solution quickly or reimburse you according to the rates indicated in the T&C.
What can I expect in terms of traffic using NextLevel?
Search engine optimization is not an exact science and we can't promise precise results. However, it is important to keep in mind that netlinking allows you to gain popularity quickly on search engines, which is usually accompanied by visibility. Combined with good content and a well thought structure on your site, it will be the powerful lever you need today to improve your positions.
That's why we offer an Onpage audit in each fully managed campaign to make sure that your page has everything it needs to rank well!

Feel free to consult our clients' feedbacks to get an idea of the efficiency of our tool.

Fully-managed campaigns

How do the campaigns work?
NextLevel offers free campaigns tailored to your strategy and your SEO needs. Free, because you only pay the price of the links. You define your objectives and your budget and we advise you on the best strategy to adopt. Our senior SEO consultants will then buy the best links for you. Each month, a report will be sent to you so that you can follow the evolution of your positions.
The first month of your campaign, you will also receive an audit of the page you want to position. Thus, we will be able to remove together all the obstacles to your good positioning and improve your page to reinforce the beneficial effects of netlinking.
Is there a minimum budget/time requirement?
To ensure the effectiveness of our services, we now limit these campaigns to a minimum commitment of 3 months with a monthly budget of €1000.
What if I also have Onsite needs?
Our Onsite team is here to help you: we can manage your SEO from A to Z! We strongly advise you to combine the NextLevel campaign with an Onsite campaign.
I am an agency: is there a risk of canvassing my clients?
We will never contact your clients directly. Whether it is for accounting details or recommendations, everything will always go through you. If by any chance one of your clients comes to us, we will notify you.

Contact us to learn more about the agency mode!

Billing and coupon codes

How long are my credits valid?
Your credits are valid for 2 years. After this period, they may be deleted from your account. In this case, we will of course notify you in advance by e-mail.
Is there a referral program?
Yes, you can benefit from advantages by sharing the service with future users. For each referral added, you will receive 8% of their credit deposits, and that for life!
I have a coupon code, where to enter it?
When buying your credits, after entering the desired amount, a box "you have a coupon code?" will appear and you just have to fill it in!